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Dr. Ana María Sandino obtained her bachelor degree in biochemistry at the Universidad de Chile in 1984 and her PhD in Science in 1990 at the same University. In 1990 she became Assistant Professor of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA) at the Universidad of Chile and created her line of research in the study, both basic and applied, about viruses that infect salmon. In 1995, she became Associate Professor and joined the Laboratory of Virology of the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Since, 2004 she is a Full Professor, and her research has been. focused to the study of the molecular mechanisms of the pathogenesis of the IPN virus.. In addition, in 1997 Dr. Sandino co-founded the biotechnology company Diagnotec S.A, where she was Scientific Director . In 2011 he was co-founder of ActivaQ, and until now the Scientific Director of this biotech company.