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Dr. Carlos Salomon, PhD, DMedSc, MSc, I lead the Exosome Biology Laboratory based at The University of Queensland located at the Centre for Clinical Diagnostics (CCD) within UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR). My research interests include extracellular vesicles, ovarian cancer, pregnancy, preeclampsia, preterm birth and maternal obesity in pregnancy and gestational diabetes mellitus. I have obtained an undergraduate degree, Bachelor in Biochemistry with Honours in Immunology in 2005 (University of Concepcion, Chile) and a Masters degree in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology in 2008. I began my Ph.D. studies in 2008 (Faculty of Medicine, The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), and my Ph.D. was awarded December 2012. I have completed training in the regulation of transport system, placental function and mass spectrometry at University of Barcelona (Spain), The University of Texas Health Science Center (USA) and The University of Queensland (Australia), respectively. I have awarded the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the Ph.D. Thesis (2013). I am the author of 77 journal publications (51 in EVs field and 43 as senior/corresponding author) and over 100 abstracts during the period of 2011-2017, many of which appear in high-ranking journals in the field (e.g., Oncotarget, Diabetes, JCEM, Placenta, and FASEB). Currently, I hold appointments at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), Ochsner Medical Center (New Orleans, USA) and Universidad de Concepcion (Concepcion, Chile). I am a principal investigator on several projects on extracellular vesicles based at the USA (NIH), Australia (NHMRC), U.K (Action Research) and Chile (Fondecyt). I have established and lead the EXOSOME BIOLOGY LABORATORY that conforms the ISO standards (ISO17025 and 13185) and in which human exosomes can be isolated, characterised, and their role elucidated to evaluate their clinical utility as biomarkers of disease and therapeutic interventions.