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Prof. Sotelo Silveira has made relevant contributions in the field of neurobiology, especially regarding axonal biology. The work carried out in the last two decades, provided evidence supporting mRNA targeting and local protein synthesis in axons (summarized in Sotelo-Silveira & Holt, 2014). Part of his work characterized the molecular composition of new axonal structures, called periaxoplasmic plaques, described for the first time by Prof. Edward Koenig, where axonal ribosomes were localized. In addition, Dr. Sotelo-Silveira, through the PEW fellowships for Latin American scientists, specialized at the National Cancer Institute (NIH, USA) in genomics. On his return to Uruguay he started a new department focused in genomics at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable (IIBCE). He continues research in axonal biology (RNA transport and local protein synthesis) and has started lines of research in cancer genomics and microbiology in collaboration with colleagues of IIBCE, Faculty of Sciences and abroad. At the IIBCE he also developed a deep sequencing and bioinformatics platform open to services and collaborations that provides support to the institution and others. Dr. Sotelo-Silveira is an active participant in human resources training activities at national and international levels and he has been president of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society of Uruguay and is currently general secretary of the Pan American Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Special Issue Sotelo-Silveira & Holt (Eds.) Local Protein Synthesis in Axons (2014). Dev. Neurobiol. Vol. 74, Issue 3: 207–406.