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Dr. Valeria Márquez Miranda is currently team leader of the Drug Development group in the microbiome start-up company uBiome. She received her PhD in Biotechnology from Universidad Andrés Bello, for her work on the design and experimental testing of new nucleic-acid transfection systems based on dendrimers. This work was supported by Fraunhofer Chile Research and a grant for PhD thesis in the Industry (PAI-CONICYT). After that, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in a project from Universidad Andres Bello along with the US Air Force, entitled “Neuromorphic Inspired Science to Maximize Big Data Dynamic Problem Solving for Future lntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations”. Currently, her work focuses on microbiota-mediated metabolism of drugs, dietary compounds and xenobiotics, aided by machine learning and cheminformatics. Other areas of interest are computational biophysics, molecular dynamics simulations, drug design, computer-assisted design of nanoparticles, and also cell biology and physicochemical characterization.