15 universities re-invest their laboratories to diagnose Covid-19

15 universities re-invest their laboratories to diagnose Covid-19

Coordination between the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Health shaped this support for national diagnosis to deal with coronavirus, adding 29 university laboratories in 11 regions.

During this dayit was announced which universities converted their research laboratories to join the Covid-19 national diagnostic network,offering its ability to analyse to public hospitals in the country.

Afteran agreement reached by the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Health and scientific societies,joined29 college campusesin Arica, Iquique, Copiapó, La Serena, Viña del Mar, Santiago, Concepción, Temuco and Valdivia,adding the capacity of 15 leading universities.

With this measure,11 regions with diagnostic capacity, highlighting the Undersecretary of Science, Carolina Torrealba."With the addition of more university laboratories to the public network we can deconcentrate diagnostic capabilities in the regions,which will allow us to deliver the results with relevance."

The network of universities and laboratories are as follows:

Tarapacá University:Laboratory of Environmental and Labour Public Health.
Arturo Prat University:Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory.
University of Antofagasta:Laboratory of Molecular Virology of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Biological Resources.
Atacama University:Molecular Biology Laboratory.
University of La Serena:Laboratory of the Department of Food Engineering, and Laboratory of the Department of Biology.
University of Valparaiso:Clinical Laboratories of that university.
Universidad Andrés Bello:Virology Laboratories of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.
University of Chile:Virology Laboratory, led by the Virology Program of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine.
Autonomous University of Chile:Laboratory of Virology of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Health Sciences.
University of Santiago:Virology Laboratory of the Center for Aquaculture Biotechnology.
Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception:Research Laboratories in Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine.
University of Concepción:Laboratory of Immunovirology of the Faculty of Biological Sciences and Center for Biotechnology.
University of La Frontera:Laboratory of Bioanalysis and Molecular Diagnostics, and the Laboratory of Molecular Morphology and Cell Culture.
Universidad Austral in Valdivia:Hantavirus Diagnostic Laboratory.
University of Magellan: Laboratory of Molecular Medicine of the Center for Teaching and Research Assistance (CADI) in partnership with the Clinical Hospital of Magellan and Magellan Health Service.

Source: www.adnradio.cl