Actualízate! Diploma en Alimentos Funcionales y Nutracéuticos

Actualízate! Diploma en Alimentos Funcionales y Nutracéuticos

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Diploma in functional foods and nutraceuticals

Objective of the programme
1 understand the current concept of functional foods and nutraceuticals and its biological effects.
2 update on bioactive compounds present in functional foods and nutraceuticals.
3 is expected to the information provided in the Diploma students generate an analysis critical and informed on the effects that exercise the different components of the diet in health. Duration of the program
Start date:16/04/2018
End date:23/10/2018Relevancia of the programme
This Diploma shows conceptual and technological advancements in relation to functional foods and nutraceuticals. Describes the effects of various components present in the diet, such as food, and exposes actions on the body of dietary components in different chapters alone or together. It is a friendly diploma, since it will have chapters and assessments every few days and whose availability will be announced in the schedule of activities, which you can know in advance. In addition, you will have an azonable time to send their responses to the evaluations of the program. Additionally, you can file in your personal computer every chapter and study at the time deemed appropriate, only you have to observe strictly the date of their responses to the Evaluaciones.La reading and the study of chapters will allow you best way to understand the effects that different components bioactive antioxidant foods, such as phytosterols, Phytoestrogens, Policosanoles, folic acid, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, omega 3 and other fatty acids, effects of food, a chapter on the FOSHU and regulatory aspects. The chapters are constantly reviewed and updated.

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