Student of master in biochemistry, Luka Robeson, won the best poster at International Congress of Biophysics of single molecules

Student of master in biochemistry, Luka Robeson, won the best poster at International Congress of Biophysics of single molecules

Very happy is our student of master and graduate of Biochemistry, Luka Ariel Robeson Rodríguez, who won the best poster at International Congress of Biophysics of individual molecules. This was carried out between 18 and 21 July 2019 in Lima, Peru, and brought together the greatest exponents of Biophysics of individual molecules in the world.

The event, called Revisiting the central dogma of molecular biology at the single molecule level), meant the opportunity so that Luka will present the work "Exploring the interaction between the signal peptide for reticular translocation and the Sec61 translocon at the single molecule level" (exploring the interaction between the peptide translocation signal) (NET-like and the Sec61 translocon at the level of individual molecule).

As he pointed out to this address, "in a nutshell, is about measuring the interaction between two proteins: on the one hand the Sec61 channel, Master keeper of proteins from the cytoplasm into the interior of the reticulum of the cell;" and the signal peptide, a structure that allows the passage through the canal." He added that "I hope to measure this interaction, relevant kinetic parameters to get to understand this process, and what happens when it fails due to mutations in the signal peptide".

Our student of the master of Biochemistry commented that "this work is carried out at the level of single molecule using the technique of optical tweezer, that the Nobel Prize in physics awarded to Arthur Ashkin the year 2018, and allows us to manipulate with high precision scale micro and" Nano".

Consulted concerning her is her first appearance at an International Congress and their motivations for participating, Luka Robeson said that "this was my first experience presenting at a Conference, and of course the first internationally. The experience was fantastic, it is very motivating to be surrounded by experts in the field, giving his opinion about your work and others of an excellent level. I served as inspiration and reaffirmation of my knowledge". "I ran in part by the desire to give to know my work, and receive advice and criticism from experts. On the other hand I wanted to accept the challenge as part of my scientific and personal growth", he said.

He also indicated that "Congress was very well organized, was a pleasant experience for everyone. It was a small audience, which has as advantage that communication was much better among people. I could talk to all those who wanted to meet and met many more. I highlight the spectacular talk of Simon Scheuring (Weill Cornell Medicine, USA), which showed images of individual molecules in motion with high-speed AFM technique; along with all those at the level of single molecule fluorescence. In general, all the works were amazing and a very high level. I had the opportunity to meet two great women: Olga Dudko, with which I had the pleasure of speaking in depth; and Xiaowei Zhuang".

The Congress also attended the Christian professor Wilson, academic Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Our faculty congratulated Luka on this important achievement!

Office of Extension and communication. 29 July of 2019.