Scholarship Malaspina 2018

Scholarship Malaspina 2018

ILSI Sur-Andino has started the process of application to the scholarship Malaspina 2018.

The Malaspina scholarship is an award instituted by ILSI Global in 2015 to honor its founder Dr. Alex Malaspina.

Every year, each geographic area, choose 2 young scientists who will participate in the annual meeting of ILSI, this year will be held in Bermuda. Our CHILE ILSI branch has been honored by two years in a row with this scholarship, and we hope to be able to continue to be a contribution to the international scientific community.

ILSI Sur-Andino it would be very important that Chilean academics we could help identify young scientists that comply with the requirements and who wish to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship is aimed at young scientists with academic degree, related to recognized academic institutions with full schedule and work in one of the following areas: nutrition, food safety, toxicology, risk or environmental analysis. Your experience must be not less than 5 years or more than 10 years. They must also have proficiency in the English language.

The favored with this scholarship participate in the scientific sessions of the Annual Meeting, scientific forum which is held all year in the month of January, and the condition is that the scholarship to integrate the activities of the subsidiary of ILSI corresponding.

Be attached explanatory letter with the objectives, requirements and items covered by the scholarship.

In case of nominations, please include CV along with a letter for his nomination and complete the attached form.

Once selected the applicants by ILSI Sur-Andino, there will be a meeting with the applicants. As a subsidiary at least 3 nominations will be sent.

The deadline to apply as a representative of ILSI Sur-Andino is August 1.

Documents attached: