Carolina Torrealba: "the business community does not believe need to science"

Carolina Torrealba: "the business community does not believe need to science"

Carolina Torrealba biologist (40), Member of the Foundation Science & life, is one of the main driving forces behind the new Ministry of science and technology. However, he says that the project "is a little ambitious and sometimes naive", and adds that he saw not a willingness to Mario Hamuy, Conycit director, reconfirmed by Pinera, "of making progress in the conflicting themes".

When in 1998, the translator María Alicia Ruiz Tagle had more details of new work commissioned him, ran to her daughter, Carolina Torrealba part.
At the end of that year, physicist Claudio Bunster, Scientific Adviser to then-President Eduardo Frei, had organized a talk with the American biochemist Bruce Alberts. And as the former President not handled the language perfectly, he resorted to an interpreter. "My mom I had heard a hundred times about Alberts. I had your book and studied it always. Then I said: ' Oh no, put me in your portfolio if it is needed. I'm with you ' ", says responsible for new projects of the Foundation Science & life."

Thus, Carolina Torrealba, who had just finished studying high school at Catholic University and began the first year of biology, managed to settle with his mother in translators piece next to a room of La Moneda. "It was a girl meeting, I didn't understand anything, but I realized that there spoke of something important. I saw how foreign and Chilean scientists were talking with politicians, with the President. That marked me. I thought: 'this is the perfect way of doing things' ", says this woman of intense blue-eyed from his office in the street Zañartu, in Ñuñoa."

These last few weeks, his agenda has been cool. The biologist has clawed defended the creation of the new Ministry of science, technology, knowledge and innovation, initiative that faltered last year and in March was rejected by the Senate: Bill joined Joint Commission, once they objetaran indications of the lower House. "Not I worry for nothing. What if alarmed me was that the discussion was framed in this environment of change of Government, that was bad. Now it will open a new space for dialogue without political urgency, almost end of world pressure. And hope that the environment both in Parliament and in the Executive is more calm,"says...

"During the past eight years I have worked at the interface between science and society. And if one is there, it is impossible not to politics. I'm taking that role. And very interested in me doing so."

"We are thinking in a Conicyt with tag of Ministry. "I hope to achieve progress in resolving some of these points because, if not, to make it work, Minister will have to put Mandrake the magician".

"The last of Piñera Government promised gold and moro. Well, came the earthquake, and the theme passed into the background. But we have hope. "I'm super optimistic and tend to see these changes, opportunities".

"If there is anything I charge, it is the scientific cure. That gives Chair about truths. I also worry when the scientific discourse becomes one more messianic. When it is said that science will solve everything".

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