Chile and Peru establish new opportunities for collaboration in science and technology

Chile and Peru establish new opportunities for collaboration in science and technology

  • The signing of the agreement between CONICYT and CONCYTEC, intends to take forward joint initiatives that will benefit researchers of both countries, in which priority will be given areas such as agriculture, biotechnology, and natural disasters.

The director of policy and programs of CONCYTEC, Joseph
Arevalo; the director of PCI of CONICYT, Rodrigo Monsalve;
the President of the CONCYTEC, Anmary Narciso Salazar;
the executive director of CONICYT, Christian Nicolai; Marisa
Gonzalez and Pamela Antonioli, both of CONCYTEC.

Within the framework of the official visit of State made last week by thePresident Michelle Bachelet to Peru, the National Commission for scientific and technological research,CONICYTIt signed an agreement with its Peruvian counterpart, the National Council of science, technology and technological innovation, CONCYTEC,oriented to increase the collaboration between both countriesand support joint initiatives that strengthen existing ties.

The agreement, signed by the CEO of CONICYT,Christian Nicolai, and the President of the CONCYTEC,Anmary Narciso SalazarIt contemplates the future realization of workshops of linkages between researchers from both Nations, bi-national networking between research centres and the promotion of joint calls for proposals for scientific research projects.

In this regard, Christian Nicolai stressed that, "within the historical context of the presidential visit and bi-national cabinet, we contribute to increase the cooperation between the two countries, through science, technology and innovation.In that vein, we've signed an agreement and to quickly jump to specific questions, we have drawn up a plan of action aimed at materializing the subscribed points, and that it will support initiatives that strengthen ties between Peru and Chile.Similarly is planned the realization of a joint binational Commission of science and technology in September".


The authorities of both institutions agreed to implement
the development of AIJ to promote the
interaction and cooperation between scientists and institutions of
research between Chile and Peru.

The authorities of both institutions agreed on the importance to cooperate especially in areas such as agriculture, biotechnology and natural disasters, among others.In addition, will seek to implement the development of joint activities to promote interaction and cooperation between scientists and research institutions - both public and private - in order to promote basic and applied research, innovation and advanced human capital formation.

Thebi-national cabinet Chile - Peruofficial name of the meeting in Lima, was featured with enthusiasm by leaders of both Nations.President BacheletAfter signing the Declaration of Lima on the House of Pizarro, said that "we know that we are making history. It is the first time in the history of our countries that we do a bi-national cabinet and a presidential meeting".

For its part,the Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynskishowed his satisfaction in saying that "it is the first time that the cabinets of both Governments are gathered in almost 200 years. We're bringing through Governments, Ministers and to recognize that in this corner of the world have to work together and be friends. "This process began some time, but now we are giving them a boost", said.