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Contest of thesis-prize to the research-Ministry of defence national

The academic world is an important part of citizenship which is called to participate actively in the defence Sector, especially in the development of studies and scientific research that are aimed at enriching the knowledge on national defense.
Starting this year, we have established a thesis contest – Award for research, which aims to central linking citizenship with the theme of the sector, gender, open to national and foreign authors.
It is our most interesting motivate students belonging to national universities participate with works covering the following topics:

  • History of the Defense National
  • Contribution to the security and peace international
  • Roles developed by the armed forces in times of peace
  • Contributions to the science and technology military
  • Integration of women into the armed forces
  • Application of resolution 1325 / 2000, the UN Security Council.

The evaluation of the work will be carried out by a panel of three members, appointed by the Ministry based on a proposal of names submitted by institutions belonging to the armed forces; professors and teachers of the Matrices schools and academies of the defence Sector, possessing postgraduate degree.
The competition web site is at:

The Prize consists of the publication of the works selected by the Ministry. In addition will be an acknowledgement signed by the Minister who witness have been awarded. The material will become part of the institutional libraries, and also delivered a special prize that will be defined by the Minister at that time, both for the winners and his teacher guide.

The knowledge areas were defined broadly with the aim that all races undergraduate and postgraduate programmes can contribute with their contribution.

With respect to the research project, it must be able to be defended to the date of shipment, thus completed its formulation. In the case of having already defended, this defense must have been verified within the current year calendar (2016).
Nominations will be accepted until December 31, 2016, in: Zenteno N ° 45, 4 floor, communications Ministry of national defence

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