Astronomy course: "Search for life and space travel"

Astronomy course: "Search for life and space travel"

Date: Every Wednesday from 17/05/2017 to 07/06/2017

Time: 19:00 hrs.

Place: Main auditorium Astronomy Department of the University of Chile(Road Observatory 1515, Las Condes)

Different probes such as Cassini and Juno are trying to decipher the mysteries of the giant of our Solar system planets, while the robot Curiosity continues to surprise with the images captured on Mars. But how important is space travel for humanity? Do we believe that some places are better candidates than others to accommodate life?

The course "Search for life and space travel" by César Fuentes, astronomer of the University of Chile and a Ph.d. in Astrophysics at Harvard University, will address these and other questions, and analyze what have been the main human efforts to find life outside our planet.

"The emergence and evolution of life on Earth was a process that required very specific conditions. The development of technology and the emergence of the great observatories approach us day to day to the fact that we would not be alone", said sources.

The Workshop consists of four classes, which will be held at the National Astronomical Observatory (road Observatory N ° 1515, Las Condes) Wednesday 17, 24, 31 May to 07 June from 19:00 to 22:00. The value is $50,000 and the inscriptions are open to writing to


Cesar Fuentes, Ph.d. in Astrophysics from Harvard University and academician of the Department of astronomy FCFM U. de Chile.

Class 1: history of space travel (Wednesday, 17 May)
Class 2: planets and moons (Wednesday, 24 May)
Class 3: life in the universe (Wednesday, 31 May)
Class 4: where is going the search (Wednesday, 7 June)

Nomination and registration
The registration process begins by sending a mail to the mail indicating: name, address, contact telephone and mail. Then you will receive an email indicating the availability of quotas.

There are no restrictions or need for prior knowledge. However the above suggested that the participants have a minimum of 15 years


  • Municipality of Las Condes neighboring card = 10% discount
  • Former students of evening courses of astronomy DAS = 10% discount
  • Officials, academics and U. Chile studerende = 20% discount
It organizes: Dept. astronomy FCFM Universidad de Chile
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