Courses summer 2018

Courses summer 2018

EdV-UChile opens the application process to 2018 summer courses for students across the country

The academic program of the Faculty of physical sciences and mathematics (FCFM) of the University of Chile, has more than 50 courses in the areas of physical sciences, mathematics and engineering, biologist, chemist and biomedical sciences and social sciences, humanities and arts. The summer courses are dictated during January for youth from 8 ° to 4 medium. The application is online.

For some, study during January may represent a sacrifice, to spend holidays and free time in study and tests. But for others, it is a single instance for a university experience in one of the 14 faculties and 2 institutes of the University of Chile. That is the invitation that performs the EdV-U.Chile academic program, allowing in addition to classes, that young people can find a vocational guidance to choose a college career.

Astronomy, robotics, medicine and biochemistry in the kitchen, economics, theatre and art are part of the more than 50 courses EdV-U.Chile. "Enter only requires a desire to genuine in wanting to know more," says the director of the program, Professor Nelson Zamorano. "Given the reform in the selection of students, the EdV opens as a way for those outstanding students seeking intellectual challenges. Mark, with the diversity of its courses, a road to progress in knowledge together with open enriching to share these learnings with their peers, awakening curiosity", argues.

They are more than 55,000 students who have done some of the courses given by the EdV-U.Chile program during its 28-year history. In each period, more than 4,000 students are involved with the University of Chile, to tour their campus and participate in talks, exhibitions and workshops, a figure similar to that recorded by the House of Bello to when you open their applications to the undergraduate program .

"We know that the first reason why young people drop out of College is the vocational mismatch. The early approach to the University environment will contribute significantly to make a right choice", says Rosa Devés, Vice-Rector of academic affairs of the University of Chile. "The EdV serves as a bridge between school and University, public education and is also faithful to the principles of plurality and equity in public education", says.

Diversity Ignacia Salfate, Alcantara of the Florida College student rescues. Young made his first course EdV-U.Chile in 2011, at age 10, and as the summer courses are only given from 8 ° Basic, Ignacia took one alternative different enrolled in winter courses which are taught in May. From that moment, it was linked each year with the program. To date 3 ° medio student has 2 summer courses and 6 winter, and in the future I'd like to study medicine at the University of Chile. "I felt free to ask questions without fear, not seeing the teachers as authoritative negative, if not as a promoter of development. Help the growth of women in the sciences, making us see that we are capable of much more", he said.

Lyou summer coursesthat will be made of the8 to 26 January in Santiagoand the only requirement is to attach the concentration of annual the year 2016 notes. With this information, students can access until November 13 to the sitewww.edv.uchile.cland carry out the application online. For questions, students of Santiago and regions can write

Attract new talent

While Isidora Araya and Felipe Matus have different stories, both traveled a similar path: the two performed at least one course of the EdV-U.Chile program, and after a rewarding experience postulated, and entered the University of Chile.

Isidora has he made the courses of summer of mathematics I (2012), mathematics II (2013), astronomy (2013) and now involved in the Experimental Physics course delivering classes support the teachers. Undergraduate student in Sciences, physics mention highlights the gender equality and equity which found in each class: "not only EdV teaches Science, but it also tries to match the conditions of gender in the rooms for classes and laboratories. "Is important that girls who go to the courses have models to follow and see how it is possible to be female and do science", argues.

According to the student, contact with youth across the country was also a key element in their training: "what I most enjoyed was the opportunity to carry out experiments that would allow me to understand various phenomena. Meet people from all over Chile and your experiences, get out of the bubble I also liked very much", says.

Vision shared by Felipe, who carried out the summer courses of mathematics I, II (2011-2012), Experimental Physics (2010), and that he now studied mathematical Civil Engineering at the University of Chile. It currently participates as coordinator of the courses of mathematics, which is divided into four levels and area that generates great interest among applicants. "At school when you liked something related to science or math, were not many people with such similar tastes." Instead in the EdV in addition to intensive classes, and participate in a different environment, share with people with similar interests, and you can make an exchange of experiences".

Theapplication results will be announced on the websitewww.edv.uchile.clon 27 November.Once the student is selected (a) for one of the summer courses, initiates the process of registration between 1 and 6 December, where it is possible to cancel the cost of the course online.

In parallel with the start of nominations for the summer courses, every year initiates the call to the programGodfather EdV. The process invites alumni, professionals, and organizations donate a scholarship to one of the students selected, consisting to cancel the cost of tuition for the course. An interest in attracting new talent that is highlighted by Claudio Falcón, academic in the Department of Physics of the University of Chile. "Last year I gave 10 scholarships to students from public high schools (5 girls and 5 boys), and this time I will do it again. What motivates me is my personal experience with the EdV, and the need to include the largest number of boys and girls in different contexts", says.

In the past two years institutions like Conicyt, through its program EXPLORES, and NIC Chile have given their support through the delivery of scholarships for vulnerable students or regions. Future sponsors seeking to "sponsor" a student can participate in the process until December 6 and found the details of the process

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