PhD scholarships Chile 2017 open nominations to pursue studies in the overseas | Scholarships for studies of postgraduate in Chile and in the foreign

PhD scholarships Chile 2017 open nominations to pursue studies in the overseas | Scholarships for studies of postgraduate in Chile and in the foreign

The call, which supports the training of students for excellence in international academic institutions empowered to deliver the degree of Doctor, will have changes in their bankruptcy bases by requirement of the law of budgets 2017.

The National Commission for scientific and technological research, CONICYT, through its training program for Advanced Human Capital, reports the opening of the contestPhD Scholarship in foreign grants Chile 2017, and invites students of excellence to participate in this call to It supports programs conducted in academic institutions of international renown, have the authority to provide Ph.d. studies.

You can apply for this benefit Chilean students or foreigners with permanent residence in the country; that they possess the academic degree of Licentiate, Bachelor's degree or equivalent, and meet requirements of academic excellence (average notes of undergraduate equal or higher than five (5.0) over a maximum of seven (7.0) or its equivalent; or fall within 30% upper graduation of undergraduate ranking with regard to the generation of graduation or degree).

In addition It is necessary to be accepted, or regular students in doctoral programs, which are classified ideally within the first 100 places in the rankings for sub-area OECD made by CONICYT from information provided by Web of Science (WOS).

In this call There are changes in the bankruptcy rules, established by the law on budget 2017, and that candidates should be considered. On the one hand, it will be necessary prove both your average notes of Bachelor's degree, Bachelor's degree or equivalent, as also the graduation of undergraduate ranking. In previous years, the institution requesting one or another document, but by demand of this legal framework, is now required to submit both to overcome the stage of admissibility of the contest.

Regard to the ranking of undergraduate graduation, there should be a certificate issued by the University, stating the position of graduation of the applicant and the total number of students of his generation of graduation or degree. It is important to consider that rankings that make mention of the total admitted to the undergraduate will not be accepted.

At the time of initiating the call, the applicant will know what is the score corresponding to the average of notes reached at his Bachelor's degree, Bachelor's degree or equivalent. We'll also send a score concerning the ranking of undergraduate graduationDepending on the percentage where is located the applicant in its generation of graduation or certification.

PhD scholarships Chile contest also will be published on the website of CONICYT information, according to the rankings by OECD sub-area, with respect to the score assigned to each academic institution of destination or program where have applicants been accepted to complete their doctoral studies.


The benefits which can be accessed include: payment of tuition and fee of the curriculum; passages of return to the place of studies; annual allocation for the purchase of books and other materials; annual maintenance for the fellow, your spouse, civil partner and children under 18 years who are residing with him in the country of destination; health insurance that includes as charges to the spouse, civil partner and children; extension of monthly child support scholars with permission pre and post natal, among others.

Deadlines to apply for PhD Scholarship in foreign grants Chile 2017 contest are:

  • Opening: February 28, 2017.
  • Close applications online: 19 April 2017 (until 13:00 hours from Continental Chile).
  • Close applications on paper: 12 April 2017 (until 14:00 hours from Continental Chile).

Information on the competition is available on the web site of the training program of Advanced Human Capital, both in its new version and the previous.