Dialogue forum, 20 Science | RESERVÁ DATE

Dialogue forum, 20 Science | RESERVÁ DATE

The S20 meets in July in Rosario

A meeting will be held on the Rosario Stock Exchange on July 24 to 25, nucleating the affinity group made up of the Academies of Sciences of the G20 countries.

The S20 is an affinity group made up of the Academies of Sciences of the G20 countries; the scientifically important elements relevant to the global agenda will be discussed in their meetings. During the Argentine presidency, the S20 will be chaired by: The National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (ANCEFN) and the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Rosario (IBR, CONICET-UNR).

Science Dialogue Forum 20 (S20) Argentina 2018

"This meeting is about resource scarcity; we have the opportunity to put together economic, natural and human resources, which are what science provides," the organizers stressed.

On the first date of the meeting, the proposals to be discussed by the representatives meeting in Argentina will revolve around theFood nutrition and safety; in the second day, the thematic axis will be theSustainable management and conservation of soils.

Food safety is an important focus on development processes. In no other case, safety and development are more interconnected and mutually reinforcing as in food; and knowing the food needs of future populations requires a sustainable increase in agricultural production.

In this regard, there is an opportunity to promote a debate on the importance of sustainable soil management. Work in this field is aimed at exploring how the G20 can provide the international coordination needed to foster public-private collaboration between industries, governments, international agencies, production associations and civil society.

We expect the greatest possible participation of people linked to food problems, food security and soils. Fundamentally, experts in agricultural sciences and food technologies. Exhibitions of great value will be held where world-class experts will participate.

More information:www.s20argentina.org