Laboratory researcher for project requires scientist-fondef idea

Professional for work in Fondef-IDeA porjecte: "Development of the frog Xenopus laevis as an animal model for use in trials precliNicos". This project proposes to develop X. laevis' youth frog as a model that can be used at the preclinical level to evaluate the effectiveness of new therapies to improve spinal cord damage.

The project will be carried out at the Laboratory of Developmental Biology and Regeneration of Dr. Juan Larraín, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Professional profile: Biologist, Biochemist or Biotechnologist, Medical Technologist

Experience required: Histology and immunofluorescence.

Close of nominations: 25-11-2015

Start of the project: December 2015-January 2016

Candidates selected for the interview round will be contacted in the last week of November 2015.

Required background: Interested applicants, please send letter indicating motivation of the application (interest in the subject, interest in techniques, etc.) and updated resume.

Send background to Tel: 226862129.