Master's Thesis Offering in Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology or Biochemistry

The Laboratory of Bioengineering, located at the Institute of Engineering Sciences at the University of O'Higgins, in collaboration with the INTA Microbiology and Probiotics Laboratory at the University of Chile, offers thesis to magister students for students from Engineering in Molecular Biotechnology or Biochemistry, as part of the project: FONDECYT REGULAR Project No1190742:"Non-coding RNA global transcriptional regulatory network in Enterococcus faecalis.". Responsible researcher Dr. Mauricio Latorre.

Thesis topic:

  • Characterization of ncRNA within metal homeostasis.
  • Construction of ncRNA-mediated regulatory networks.

Fields of development: Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Microbiology.

Place of development: University of O'Higgins (Rancagua), INTA University of Chile (Santiago).

The project considers monthly funding for the theist, experimentation costs, presentations at national and international congresses and internships at laboratories located in the United States and/or France. Among the techniques and models to use are: Bacterial crop management, mutant generation, heavy metal determination, biological network construction, use of bioinformatics tools. In terms of infrastructure and resources, our laboratory has the necessary technology and knowledge to address questions in Systems Biology, with a body of researchers specialized in global gene expression analysis, biological networks, use of various study models, together with a series of national and international projects that support the realization of thesis and student training. Thesis work can be fully developed in Santiago or Rancagua according to the student's comfort.

Complementary financing

  1. BASAL Project No.PFB03: Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM). Director of the Dr. Alejandro Maass Center.
  2. FONDAP Project No. 15090007: Center of Genome Regulation (CRG). Director of the Dr. Miguel Allende Connelly Center.
  3. EUROPEAN COMMISSION–REA: MILEAGE No734931: Microelements in Life Expectancy and Aging –MILEAGE. Responsible institution Université de Picardie Jules Verne: UPJV (France). Director in Chile: Dr. Miguel Arredondo.

For those who are interested or want more information, contact Dr. Mauricio Latorre at the post office o