Offering doctoral scholarship in IBR-CONICET-Rosario

Title of the project

Proteomic analysis of the interactome of cholesterol inTetrahymena thermophila


Antonio D. Uttaro

Place of work

IBR (Institute of Molecular and cellular biology of Rosario), CCT-Rosario, CONICET.

Aim of the project:

Identification of proteins that interact with cholesterol (interactome) in the ciliate of biotechnological interestTetrahymena thermophila.

Brief description:

They will be used similar cholesterol photoreactive and groups "clickable" in its side chain. The latter let chemical modification, after the interaction and crosslinking of the probes with the protein with affinity for sterols, which facilitates purification of the interactome. This will undergo analysis by LC-MS/MS proteomic, allowing the selection of genes involved in the internalization and modification of sterols, for his later characterization by reverse genetics techniques.


Recent graduates in chemical, biological, biochemical Sciences, biotechnology or related.