Pride and prejudice

Pride and prejudice


Represents a great pride for our country that in a supplement recently in the prestigious journal Nature (Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars) has included Chile among the 10 countries of the world, and the only country in the American continent, presenting a remarkable progress in the development of its science.

Our scientists are recognized primarily for his contributions to the area of astronomy and, to a lesser extent, to the biological sciences. The supplement highlights that Chile has made all this contribution to world knowledge with a lean investment in science and technology, less 0.5% of GDP (current figures put it at 0.35% of GDP).

If this progress has been made despite scarce resources, then the question arises: how much longer will endure the prejudices of those who, failing to decisively support the development of science in our country, continue to ignore that generate knowledge in all fields of human endeavor is vital to the development of Chile and the welfare of all its inhabitants?

M. Cecilia Hidalgo T.
National Prize of natural sciences 2006

Source: Mercury