The University of Chile is located recently attached to the network of Macro universities of Latin America and the Caribbean, which brings together 34 public universities in 19 countries of the region.

One of the primary objectives of this Association is to launch cooperative programs related to the mobility of students and academics, to encourage the development of teaching and research networks within universities that comprise . It is, therefore, that the University has started its participation in the mobility program in the graduate.

This participation implies that the targeted universities exempt from payment of tuition or fees of any kind students who are awarded in this call

The call will be open until February 16, 2018, however, graduate and postgraduate Department will receive letters of institutional support requests only until January 21, 2018. DEPUTY DETAIL.2018_Comunicacion_EP_Red_Macro.PDF (285,8 kb)

For more information about the call for proposals:internacional.dirpostg@u.uchile.clor the website of the calluchile.CL/u139410or in the network Macro Universities websitewww.redmacro.unam.mxFor more information.