Division Faculty of natural sciences and Oceanographic Department zoology


: Academic competition
Code application : OC-02 Charge : 01 Academic Position 44 hours a week
(a) title professional : Biologist or profession related.
b) studies : Doctor related to the area of Conservation Biology.
(c) experience : Experience in Research, Teaching and Extension.
(d) others : Full-time academic to carry out research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and extension activities in Conservation Biology. In this context, the applicant must develop an interdisciplinary and integrative research program in the field of Biological Conservation, addressing as prominence models faunistic components, using cutting-edge methods whether theoretical, associative or experimental. To do this, it must generate interaction with academics from pre-existing lines of research in the Department of Zoology, incorporating them into questions in the field of conservation.
Demonstrable scientific productivity through publications in WoS journals in the area of expertise.
Ability to work in teams and lead high-impact research projects related to Biological Conservation and Faunistic Biodiversity. Accredit experience in pre- and graduate university teaching.

The background will be evaluated in the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Natural and Oceanographic Sciences of the University of Concepción, A personal interview and an academic presentation could be requested from applicants, as well as a psychological evaluation.

Availability : 01-04-2019
Background reception : Until 31-12-2018
Reviews : History requested:
*Letter of application expressing motivations to develop an academic career and position.
*Updated Curriculum vitae that expressly indicates work experience in university teaching and includes a copy of your publications and a copy of a certificate of degree.
*At least one reference letter from national or foreign academics in their area of expertise

The Faculty reserves the right to declare the contest desert without expression of cause, conduct interviews and psychological evaluations.

History will not be returned.

*The Charge will be carried out in the city of Concepción

Send resume to : Cod. OC-02 Personnel Directorate. Virginio Gómez Building, 3rd floor. University Ward. Box 160-C, Mail 3 Conception, Chile.
More information : Specific inquiries: 56-41-2204157 ; 56-41-2204152
The faculty or Division reserves the right to carry out interviews and to desert the contest
Curriculum history will not be returned