Nature magazine highlighted work in research at the University of Chile

Nature magazine highlighted work in research at the University of Chile

Considered one of the most prestigious scientific journals around the world, this Thursday, December 14 Nature published an interview with the Rector Ennio Vivaldi in a Special Edition, where he stood the House of Bello as one of the educational institutions top oldest and best positioned in Latin America, in addition to point out his great interest by promoting collaboration between countries from the internationalization.

"Chile is going through a historic moment and want to reset as an emerging country in the knowledge society. The progressive depletion of the export matrix focused on natural resources drives us to make the decision as a nation focus on innovation based on Science generated in universities, as one of the engines of the future national development. With more than 10 thousand scientific publications in the last 7 years, 22 centres of excellence and over a thousand research projects annually, no doubt are the main Chilean institution of research", said theRector Ennio Vivaldiin the interview published Thursday, December 14 in the journal Nature.

Among the points addressed in the publication highlighted the contribution of the University of Chile to the society from the knowledge generated by academics and researchers. Also detailed the scope of the project Laguna Caren, the internationalization process driven during the past years and multidisciplinary work as one of its cross-cutting objectives to position as an institution of higher education not conventional

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