"SBBMCH and Fermelo Biotech: A history of cooperation, friendship and science"

"SBBMCH and Fermelo Biotech: A history of cooperation, friendship and science"

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The society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology brings together scientific researchers of first line throughout Chile, the contributions of these professionals
they will help pave the way towards the desired development. To perform this task - and for years - the SBBM receives an active cooperation of one of the
major companies suppliers of inputs for research, "Fermelo biotech", who are convinced of it excellence-current and future-of the medium
National scientist.

Fermelo Biotec is one of the actors in the development of scientific research of the art in our country, distributing supplies that supply lines
of research on the biology molecular, genomics and proteomics. The spirit of cooperation between Fermelo Biotec and the society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Chile, is one sign of the importance that has the search of aegis and interdisciplinarity in the scientific world.


Luciano Fernández, Gerente General de Fermelo Biotec, says: "there are very good quality of scientists in Chile and in Fermelo we want to support these
Professional because we believe in the importance of scientific research and the changes that this may result in a country. As a company we have seen
that not is provides sufficient support regular, by what we strive in support to the research scientific contributing with initiatives, alliances and

The history of Fermelo Biotec:
"The company was born the year 1993 in Santiago of Chile, with the purpose of be an alternative in the market of research scientific allowing the acquisition"
everything you need for the effective work of the laboratories - especially - in the now so-called "Science of life".

Our purpose was, is and will be a reliable source of these inputs, as well as understand and understand the problems of scientific research
as a whole. Listen to requirements and provide solutions at a good cost, quickly with good after-sales service.

Fermelo Biotec and the society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, maintained a long relationship, which has contributed to the work of the
researchers. In this sense, the company is the sponsor of the prize "SBBMCH-Fermelo", whose funds help students do their internships.
Fermelo Biotec has had partnerships in research projects with various institutions of higher education, as it is the case of the University of
Talca, with which it worked on the development of varieties plant resistant to stress water and saline.
The first offices were established in the Jeanne d'Arc Street in Providence, then moving to the current corporate building and warehouses in the street
Newfoundland, very near the old outbuildings of CONICYT. Eventually the small business of 50 square meters and 4 people, has given way to the 500 square meter current and 30 people who
composed the Fermelo team throughout our country. Merit of the good actions of our team with great confidence and loyalty of our customers"
(Luciano Fernández, Gerente General.) Fermelo Biotec).
"We see little support from many areas that should increase funds for research. In the measure that can support what we do,
because we feel that it is return the hand to our customers". Adds Fernández.
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