Are awarded two new institutes Millennium in exact and natural sciences

Are awarded two new institutes Millennium in exact and natural sciences

● Will specialize in fundamental and applied research of light and its interaction with matter, and plant and fungal models.
● The new Millennium institutes will have an annual funding of more than $ 1 million, for a period of 10 years.
● Their headquarters will be in the cities of Santiago and Concepcion.

With the aim of fostering research excellence in the area of natural and exact sciences, the Millennium Science initiative, programme of the Ministry of economy, promotion and tourism, awarded two new institutes: the Millennium Institute of biology Integrative systems and synthetic, IMBISS, and the Millennium Institute for research in optics. These centers will have an annual funding of more than $ 1 million, for a period of 10 years. Selected institutes will have their headquarters in the cities of Santiago and Concepcion.

Virginia Garretón, Director of Millennium, explains that "these centers are especially attractive because they focus on emerging and important areas in the world, where Chile has proposals for worldwide. These areas are advanced optics, particularly oriented to research aiming at the development of quantum computing, secure data communication, the optimization of optical fibers and theoretical advances based on properties of the light; and the other Center, will do in systems biology and focusing on the interaction of plants with fungi. This field of research is very important for a country like Chile, where agriculture is relevant, and fungi play a decisive role in this process."

The competition for the new Millennium institutes in natural sciences and exact began July 2017. There were 37 proposals, of which exact of Millennium, and natural science program Committee selected nine. Months later, in November, the scientists of this Committee - composed of Michael Willig, Jorge Galán, Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, Pierre Braunstein, Stuart Ryder, Claus Siebe, Hans-Joachim Freund and Gines Morata - interviewed the finalists, by selecting these two new centers.

"The nine finalists were spectacular and the final selection was based on people who not only had excellent proposals, they could also develop knowledge that is of national and global impact. These two new institutes, in addition, have teams of researchers in multiple areas and presence in regions other than the Metropolitan", concludes the Executive Director of Millennium.

New Millennium institutes

Integrative systems and synthetic biology IMBISS Millennium Institute(Millennium Institute of Integrative Systems and Synthetic Biology).Its main objective is to identify the mechanisms that explain the interactions between fungi and plants, as well as those that allow them to respond to environmental perturbations. The IMBISS will focus on research focused on plant and fungal, models which will not only boost the basic science, but it will also have a positive effect on the generation of applied solutions. The IMBISS has predecessors two Millennium nuclei: the Millennium nucleus in fungal and synthetic, Integrative Biology and the Millennium nucleus in synthetic biology and plant systems. The director of this Center is Luis Larrondo and its director alternate Rodrigo Gutiérrez. The Centre will have its headquarters in Santiago.

Institute Millennium research in optics, MIRO(Millennium Institute of Research in Optic). It will focus on fundamental and applied research of light and its interaction with matter. His research interests focus on issues of quantum computing, applications of light to transmit information, data security and theoretical physics of light. The director of this Center is Aldo Delgado Hidalgo and his alternate director Marcel Clerc Gavilán. The headquarters of this Institute will be in conception.


Institute proposal Director Type of proposal Final grade Result
Millennium of optics Research Institute Aldo Delgado New 135 Awarded
Institute of Integrative Biology Millennium
Synthetic and systems
Luis Larrondo New 136,5 Awarded
Millennium Research Institute on the
Fundamentals of data
Marcelo Arenas New 139,65 Awarded, without
availability of funds
Institute of ecology and biodiversity, Millennium Lohengrin Cavieres Continuity 146 Awarded without
availability of funds
Millennium of seismic risk Institute Raul Madariaga New 185,5 Not awarded
Millennium Conservation Institute and
Sustainability of coastal ecosystems
Sergio Navarrete New 197 Not awarded
Institute of Computational Astrophysics Millennium Patricia Tissera New 200 Not awarded
Corrosion Millennium Science Institute
and protection of materials
Maritza Paez New 204 Not awarded
Institute of Immunology Millennium and
Microbiology of fish
Carmen Imarai New 237,75 Not awarded

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