Visit international Prof. Steffen Petersen - seminars

Visit international Prof. Steffen Petersen - seminars


I would like to tell you that Prof. Steffen Petersen (Medical Photonics Laboratory, Department of Health Science and Technology and Clinical Science, Aalborg University, Denmark) will visit our country next week. See Brief CV Steffen Petersen
Here you will see that in reality, outside of the two specific seminars he will teach, he also has competences in multiple areas that may be of greatest interest to one of you in the field of biomedicine (delivery of drugs, cancer, image processing in fluorescence microscopy, biosensors, ultrafast spectroscopy)
Prof. Petersen will give an open seminary in our Faculty on the day November 18 between 12:00 am and 1:00 pm (Sala Abate Molina, Faculty of Biological Sciences, UC Central House, Catholic University Metro Station, Line 1), entitled:

"On the complex interaction between Proteins and Light" See Abstract

In addition, Prof. Petersen will give an additional seminar and have a discussion meeting with my research group on wednesday November 18 in the afternoon (15-18 hrs) Domeyko Room (located next to the Abate Molina room). In case you want to participate in that activity, you are also obviously welcome.
In the case of the second seminar, it is entitled:

"Electrostatics and Amino Acid Pair Distributions in Proteins". See Abstract

Those of you working or interested in learning more in Prof. Petersen's areas of comptence might be interested in attending one of these seminars, or coordinating a personal meeting with him. In the latter case, please let me know to coordinate it. He will also be available for eventual meetings on Thursday, November 19.

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