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Dr. Enrique Boccardo is a Molecular Biologist with over 20 years of experience in academia. Dr. Boccardo was graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of the University de la República, Uruguay, in 1994. He completed his MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1997 at the University de la República, Uruguay. He completed his PhD in Biochemistry in 2002 at the University of São Paulo. He has served as a scientific researcher at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, São Paulo branch, during 2002-2010. Since 2010 he is a Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Oncovirology in the Department of Microbiology of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of São Paulo. Dr. Boccardo is member of Latinoamerican Academy of Sciences (ACAL) and Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Sciences and Technology of HPV related diseases (INCT-HPV). In 1998 he was awarded with National Academy of Medicine of Uruguay award. Dr. Boccardo has written more than 30 peer reviewed publications and book chapters. Enrique Boccardo leads nationally funded research projects with a focus on the mechanisms of human papillomavirus mediated cell transformation, genome instability induction, immune evasion establishment, and in the development of epithelial organotypic cultures. Besides, he is involved in projects that aim the identification of prognosis/progression molecular markers for HPV associated pathologies.