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Metrology and Time Crystals: Physics in Practice

 with Eric Copenhaver & Thomas Mittiga

Come learn about cutting-edge research from the graduate student community at UC Berkeley in a relaxed, sci-fi-themed cafe setting. This month features short talks by two physicists, “Metrology and Time Crystals: Physics in Practice”.

The audience is encouraged to interrupt and ask questions and engage in discussion with our speakers. Arrive at 6:30 pm and enjoy a variety of pinball machines, science trivia, home-roasted coffees and select beers. First talk begins at 7 pm.

Metrology, a Fine Art – Eric Copenhaver
Solidified in History: Time Crystals Exist! – Thomas Mittiga
Upcoming May Lecture:
Matt Walker 
Director of the Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory
11am Saturday May 20
100 Genetics and Plant Biology Building
UC Berkeley 
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