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Inscription: December 1, 2018, 17.00h (Swiss local time).

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports basic science in all academic disciplines, from history to medicine and the engineering sciences. The SNSF is Switzerland’s foremost research funding organisation and finances over 3,400 projects involving 14,000 researchers each year. By awarding public research money based on a competitive system, the SNSF contributes to the high quality of Swiss research.

The SNSF awards Sinergia Grants to support collaborative, interdisciplinary projects where breakthrough research is expected. Sinergia promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between two to four applicants. Interdisciplinary research is defined as research across disciplinary boundaries. In order to achieve the research objectives, it is necessary to integrate elements (theories, methods, concepts) from two or more disciplines. All disciplines are considered to be equally important.


  1. At least two and at the most four applicants may submit an application for a Sinergia Grant;
  2. Applicants may be based at two or more higher education institutions or other research institutions outside the higher education sector in Switzerland that are eligible for funding;
  3. One applicant may be based outside Switzerland if their expertise is essential and if the overall number of applicants for the relevant proposal is three or four;
  4. The applicants requesting a Sinergia grant constitute a Sinergia consortium.

Note: Applicants must read the Chapter 2 of the Regulations (page 4) for more information.

Financed amount
A maximum amount of CHF3,200,000.00 may be requested in a Sinergia application. The minimum amount that may be requested is CHF50,000.00. The SNSF awards Grants for at least one year and at the most four years.

Applications must be submitted via the Online Platform mySNF.
Note: Applicants must read the Chapter 4 of the Regulations (page 4) for more
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