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First institution in Europe for animal and plant sciences, INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research – France) carries out mission-oriented research for high-quality and healthy foods, competitive and sustainable agriculture and a preserved and valorised environment. At INRA, researchers express their creativity within high-level research teams, in order to advance our state of knowledge to lead to concrete and innovative applications, that serve the interests of society. From 2 July to 3 September 2018, INRA is recruiting 41 experienced researchers who are proficient at designing and conducting research projects.

Candidates’ projects should be in one of the following fields of research: 
– agronomy, plant biology and breeding, digital science, economic and social sciences,
– ecology, plant and animal health, animal genetics,
– food and nutrition, animal physiology and livestock systems, microbiology and process engineering,
– research management.

These positions are open:
– either to candidates with a PhD (or equivalent) and at least 8 years’ experience in research,
– or to candidates who can justify an equivalent level of scientific research.

Applications on line are available until 3 September 2018
All useful information to apply is available on: