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Our startups and affiliates are hiring! See some of our most recently posted openings below. Check out our complete job listings at[UNIQID].

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NSF Postdoc Fellowship – Business Development Optics & Spectroscopy[UNIQID]
Job Date:
eLutions Integrated Systems, Inc.
Job Location(s):
San Francisco, CA, US
Silicon Valley, CA, US
Oakland, CA, US
Berkeley, CA, US
eLutions Integrated Systems, Inc., founded in 2011, is an NSF- and NIH-funded for-profit venture developing systems and engineering solutions for in vitro and ex vivo medical diagnostics. eLutions is in early R&D stages, designing customized laser optical spectroscopy tools for applications in diabetes and its affiliated complications. Its vision is to develop a wearable noninvasive optical glucose sensor for routine use while building critical infrastructure, technical know-how, and intellectual property. eLutions is unique in that it values scholarly research and science, yet retains a business mindset necessary for enabling disruptive technology.

eLutions seeks a talented spectroscopist, optics engineer or hardware engineer interested in business development. The ideal candidate has creative insight and can mix science with engineering and can quickly run feasibility experiments and incisive numerical calculation to legitimize the manufacturability of a product being respectful of costs, timelines, vendor relationships, and customer price pressures. The goal of the fellowship is to define and to deliver a product specification or a client service that allows eLutions’ core competency and competitive advantage to enter potentially niche, customized, and/or lucrative markets that are strategic to eLutions’ vision and longer-term mission.
Post-doctorate within 6 years of Ph.D. with less than a year of industry experience.

** US citizens or permanent residents only. **

Desired Knowledge:

o A strong technical foundation.
o An opportunistic and creative engineering insight.
o An ability to connect the dots.
o An interest in hands-on electronic and optical hardware.
o A passion for life-long learning and having societal impact in novel and creative ways.


Gene Editing and Stem Cell Scientist[UNIQID]
Job Date:
Neurona Therapeutics
Job Location(s):
South San Francisco, CA, US
The Gene Editing and Stem Cell Scientist will play a central role in leading Neurona’s processes to modify and expand human stem cell lines and to drive the development of modified cell therapeutics.

Responsibilities include:
– Molecular Biology: Establish and maintain a program to design, create, test, and troubleshoot genetic constructs for genome editing of human stem cell lines

– Gene Editing: Utilize gene editing technologies to modify stem cell lines

– Cell Culture: Culture and characterize modified human stem cell lines

– Detailed record-keeping
Required Qualifications:
– PhD or equivalent experience in molecular biology, genome editing, and stem cell and developmental biology

– Well versed in molecular biology techniques, including the construction of complicated targeting vectors

– Extensive experience using CRISPR, TALEN, and/or ZFN gene editing technologies

– Expertise in sterile cell culture techniques

– Familiar with in vitro directed differentiation paradigms and molecular/functional characterization of derived cell types

– Excellent writing, verbal communication, and interpersonal skills

– Able to take initiative to improve work processes, develop innovative scientific methodologies and approaches to enhance research productivity

Preferred Qualifications:
– PhD-level experience in genome editing via CRISPR and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells to neuronal lineages

– Expertise in direct cell reprogramming to neurons

– Experience organizing and establishing molecular biology pipelines

To learn more about Neurona, please visit our website at:[UNIQID]


Engineering Technician[UNIQID]
Job Date:
Scuba Probe Technologies
Job Location(s):
Berkeley, CA, US
We are looking for an Engineering Technician focusing on the development of novel micro and nano-fabrication tools for the fabrication and testing of next generation scanning probe instruments.

– Operate state-of-the-art nanofabrication tools, including thin-film deposition tools, nanoscale inspection processes (AFM, TEM, SEM etc.).
– Assemble, install, and test homebuilt scientific instruments.
– Perform experiments and write documentation independently.
– Proven ability to work in research environment.
– Self motivated and energetic person with good attitude on problem solving.
– Strong communication and people interaction skills. Good at presentation and documentation.
– Ability to work in a clean room environment.
– Ability to handle different projects in parallel.
– Experience with vacuum setups, optical, mechanical and electrical systems.
– Interest in mechanical or electrical engineering, physics, materials science.
– Experience with statistical process and quality control principles.
– Familiar with scanning probe instrumentation, and advanced control methods and image analysis is a plus.
– No engineering degree required.

Work is to be performed in a state-of-the-art research facility at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where you will be in extensive contact with highly motivated international scientists and R&D professionals. Self-motivated persons with the ability to work in a dynamic start-up environment are given priority. Candidates must have excellent problem solving and communication skills for successful team interactions.


Research Scientist: Discovery Biology[UNIQID]
Job Date:
Job Location(s):
South San Francisco, CA, US
The data generated by the Discovery Biology group is a critical element in target validation, the advancement of programs for chemistry support and, in line with program progression, the characterization of leading drug candidates in relevant immune models.

The Discovery Biology Research Scientist will be responsible for: (1) target identification and validation, (2) cellular and in vivo model development and evaluation of new technologies, and (3) championing early stage drug discovery programs as the lead biologist. The candidate should wish to work closely with scientists from other disciplines and the leadership team to make key decisions on compound and program progression.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in immunology, cancer biology, or a related discipline. Experience working on tumor immunology is a plus as is familiarity with the function of immune suppressive cell types. Particular consideration will be given to candidates who have experience working directly with regulatory T cells. The successful candidate will have at least 2 years postdoctoral training. The candidate will have a demonstrated ability to work independently to achieve their goals and be capable of working on more than one project simultaneously. This role demands a highly goal-driven approach and the ability to focus on time-sensitive objectives. The candidate should also enjoy operating in an exceptionally dynamic and cooperative environment where every voice matters.

Job Code #DB-004

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit a CV and cover letter and please refer to job code. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


Process Associate- Fermentation[UNIQID]
Job Date:
Bolt Threads
Job Location(s):
Emeryville, CA, US
At Bolt Threads, we believe that answers to our most vexing problems can be found in nature. Every day we’re inspired by the amazing materials we work with, and driven by the desire to turn these materials into incredible products. We are a venture backed, idea driven company, led by world-class scientific and engineering talent, as well as experienced executives from the technology and apparel industries.


Bolt Threads is looking for a highly motivated and productive Process Associate. You are an execution-oriented associate with superb mechanical skills and high attention to detail. You are excited by challenging biological engineering problems and master new material quickly. You will be working on a variety of projects to support the fermentation process of silk. You can operate fermentation equipment, identify workflow problems, bottlenecks and can initiate solutions in a timely manner.
Work alongside fermentation team to understand work flow and identify support needs
Independently set up, monitor, sample and harvest bioreactors on a weekly basis
Provide feedback on experimental design and data analysis
Support cell banking and validation
Assist with the purchase, install, maintenance and, repair fermentation and support equipment
Repair and calibrate standard fermentation equipment such as YSI, pumps, probes, and scales
Develop and maintain equipment maintenance logs and schedules
Lead the effort to keep the lab organized and operating efficiently
Review fermentation and media prep batch records
Maintain and inventory stock of critical fermentation equipment and consumables
Develop standard operating procedures for equipment operation
Ability to follow standard operating procedures in support of fermentation runs
Support Fermentation Scientists and Engineers with set-up, cleanup and machine operation
Review media prep batch records
Work safely at all times


Minimum of 2 years of technical experience in fermentation process development/lab support
Past experience maintaining, testing, repairing, and calibrating laboratory equipment
Hardware and machine-minded
Organized and conscientious with excellent record keeping and communication skills
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication
Keen attention to detail
Critical and creative thinker
Ability to lift up to 25lbs, and work standing up 75% of your workday

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