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Dear Dr. Wilson,

The Biophysical Society invites you to attend the meeting Liposomes, Exosomes,
and Virosomes: From Modeling Complex Membrane Processes to Medical Diagnostics
and Drug Delivery
, being held September 11-16, 2016, in Ascona, Switzerland.
This meeting will cover recent developments for investigating biochemical
reactions and networks at, in, and across membranes of artificial and cell
membrane-derived vesicles.

The meeting will:

  • Bring together experts in membrane biophysics, cell biology, synthetic biology, diagnostics, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical formulation while appealing to academic scientists and researchers in pharmaceutical industry;
  • Explore different approaches to this multidisciplinary topic allowing an intense scientific exchange of ideas while highlighting the field from different views;
  • Provide a basis for understanding questions about the use of cell-derived and model membranes, deliver the newest technical approaches, and stimulate further developments as well as future collaborations.

Abstract deadline:  March 7, 2016