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Dear all,

Submit an abstract to present a poster or talk before the 21st of May. The MCB/QB3 symposium on Cellular Biophysics will take place on June 10. We encourage PhD students and postdocs to submit abstracts for oral presentations and posters (there will be cash prizes for best oral presentation and poster presentation!).

Submit your abstract here:

If you have not registered already, please do so

The goal of the symposium is to foster interaction between the Bay Area’s Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bioengineering and Physics communities interested in the physical mechanisms governing cellular processes and hope you all join us for this exciting one-day symposium.

Keynote speaker: KC Huang (Stanford)

Confirmed speakers: Padmini Rangamani (UC San Diego)

Sanjay Kumar (UC Berkeley)

Daniel Fletcher (UC Berkeley)


The cellular biophysics symposium organizers


We thank MCB, QB3, VSPA and Nikon for their generous financial support to realize this one-day symposium.