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The research group of Prof. Luiz Carlos Dias (UNICAMP) seeks 2 researchers with experience in organic synthesis and ideally also medicinal chemistry, for post-doctoral positions with MMV fellowships.

The MMV/DNDi/UNICAMP/USP Consortium to discover new drugs for the treatment of tropical parasitic diseases will be expanding in 2018 based on previous successful collaborations between these organizations. The major goals of this collaboration are (1) the delivery of preclinical candidates for the treatment of Chagas disease, leishmaniasis and malaria, and (2) working towards building a world class academic drug discovery center for tropical diseases in Latin America. In this regard, we are looking to attract Post-doc`s to play leading roles with the drug discovery team at the University of Campinas, São Paulo.

In the first instance, we envision a stay of 1-2 years in Brazil, although the fellowship could be extended up to 36 months. The grant provides a salary of R$ 7.174,80 per month which would be tax free in Brazil.

Applications can be submitted only by e-mail, with attached documentation in PDF format, and sent to the Prof. Luiz Carlos Dias (UNICAMP), principal investigator of the project ( until July 20th, 2018.

Please find enclosed more information on these opportunities.

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