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The Larrondo Lab in Chile is offering up to two Postdoc positions in one of the following projects:
Synthetic Circadian Oscillators: we seek to build and characterize synthetic oscillators that can generate and sustain circadian rhythms in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa.
Yeast Synthetic Biology: Development of new optogenetic controllers and circuits to regulate natural and synthetic metabolic pathways in S. cerevisiae
Botrytis cinerea virulence: We seek to unravel the molecular mechanisms by which the circadian clock modulates the Botrytis-plant interaction.
Initial funding can be provided through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Research Scholars Program or the Millennium Nucleus for Fungal Integrative and Synthetic Biology.
Successful candidates are expected to apply to national funds (FONDECYT-POSTDOC) in order to obtain independent grants.
Interested individuals seeking to conduct independent and competitive research should send their CV and a letter of intention to:  
More information about the Larrondo Lab, at the P. Universidad Católica de Chile, is available at
We hope to hear from you!
Luis F. Larrondo Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Departamento de Genética Molecular y Microbiología
Director of MN-FISB (Millennium Nucleus for Fungal Integrative and Synthetic Biology)
Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Alameda 340
Casilla 114-D (ZIP code)
Office: 56-2-23541916
Cell-phone: 56-9-82275080
Lab     : 56-2-26862348