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A position of a Postdoctoral Scientist in the laboratory of Dr. Fabiola Osorio has been created to carry out research on the contribution of protein homeostasis in the function of dendritic cells, using multiparametric flow cytometry, and cellular and molecular biology techniques. The scientific project is framed within a grant funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-International Research Scholar Program.


• A PhD in immunology, microbiology or cell biology
• The post holder is expected to be creative and motivated and able to work independently, but also to interact well within the team. Good English skills are important.
• The post holder will be responsible for designing, performing, analysing and interpreting experiments.
• Knowledge in multiparametric flow cytometry will be positively considered.
• It is expected that the successful candidate may apply to independent funding via FONDECYT postdoctoral fellowships in 2018.
• Transitory support will be granted by Howard Hughes Medical Institute – International Research Scholars Program.

Start date: March 2018
Applicants should send a CV, a letter of intention, and two letters of reference. Deadline of application: January 12th 2018.


• Tavernier SJ*,Osorio F*, Vandersarren L, Vetters J, Vanlangenakker N, Van Isterdael G, Vergote K,  Parthoens E, van de Laar L, Iwawaki T, Del Valle JR, Hu A, Lambrecht BN and Janssens S “Regulated  Inositol-Requiring Enzyme 1 dependent mRNA decay sets the threshold for dendritic cell  survival”. Nature Cell Biology 2O17. 19, 698-710. doi:10.1038/ncb3518.
*F Osorio and SJ Tavernier are co-first authors.

• Osorio F, Tavernier S, Hoffmann E, Saeys Y, Vetters J, Delrue I, De Rycke R, Parthoens E, Poulliot P,  Iwawaki T, Janssens S and Lambrecht B.N. 2014. The unfolded-protein-response sensor IRE-1α  regulates the function of CD8α+ dendritic cells. Nature Immunology 15 (3): 248-257.

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