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The I-CORPS short course helps you determine whether there’s a market for your product or technology. This three-evening class (June 4, 6, & 11) is held at UCSF Mission Bay and led by a serial entrepreneur. There is no fee. If you couldn’t make last week’s information session, here are a few takeaways:
  • You’ll learn effective techniques for eliciting critical information from your potential customers.
  • You’ll get relentless direct coaching as you define and refine your target market.
  • You’ll feel the pressure of a startup for just one week, without the commitment of founding one.
  • Your team should expect to spend 10+ hours outside of class.
  • Teams that complete the full I-Corps program are 3x more successful at winning SBIRs than those who don’t.
You will need a team of two or more to participate. If you need team members, or want to join a team, please enter your information in this shared spreadsheet.

UCSF affiliation NOT required. This course is NOT recommended for therapeutics commercialization.
Questions? Email