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Dear valued QIAGEN customer,

QIAGEN would like to invite you to the following webinar this Friday!

Quality control for genomic DNA – Considerations for accurate DNA quantification
Date: Feb 19, 10-11 am PST

Reliable measurement of DNA concentration and detection of potential contaminants isimportant for many applications in molecular biology, as downstream reactions and assaysoften require specific input yields and purity for optimal performance. Commonly usedmethods to determine DNA concentration include spectrophotometry and fluorescencemeasurements using various DNA-binding dyes.

 In this webinar we will present data from a study to evaluate the influence of factors such asDNA amount, DNA conformation, and fragment length on the accuracy of concentrationdetermination using UV/VIS-based as well as dye-based technologies.


We hope to see you there!

Best regards,
Steve Beech
Instrument Sales Manager – West

Phone: 301-412-4710