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Collection: Optical Tweezers

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The Biophysical Journal is pleased to congratulate Dr. Arthur Ashkin for sharing in the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for his development of optical tweezers. Members of the Biophysical Society have long recognized and appreciated the power of this technology, and early work by our members (e.g., Howard Berg, Steven Block, James Spudich, Carlos Bustamante, and many others) played foundational role in its development as a high-resolution tool to address fundamental biological questions. The Biophysical Journal regularly publishes papers using optical tweezers to discover the mechanisms of molecular motors and other mechanoenzymes, resolve the forces and kinetics of molecular bonds, reveal the energy landscapes of protein and nucleic acid folding, manipulate and microfabricate biological structures, and determine the material properties of biological networks. Here, we highlight 12 recent Biophysical Journal papers that use optical tweezers.

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E. Michael OstapE. Michael Ostap
Editorial Board Member
Biophysical JournalSection: Molecular Machines, Motors, and Nanoscale Biophysics


Gijs Wuite
Gijs Wuite

Associate Editor
Biophysical Journal

Section: Nucleic Acids and Genome Biophysics

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