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Dear Colleagues, 

It is with pleasure that we invite you to attend the Single-Cell Biophysics: Measurement, Modulation, and Modeling thematic meeting, which will be held in Taipei on June 17-20, 2017.
The goal of this meeting is to bring together scientists and engineers to discuss current and future experimental, computational, and theoretical advances in the field of single cell biophysics. Topics will include advances in single-molecule, single-cell, and tissue imaging, dynamics and spatial organizations of cellular structures and processes, responses of cells to three-dimensional microenvironments, new experimental and computational methods for single cell analyses, and the interaction of cells with materials. 
Biophysical studies in individual living cells enable a quantitative understanding of the structures and dynamics of macromolecules and cellular processes in their own physiological context. This is a grand challenge in biophysics as the complexity of a single cell is multi-scale both in time and space. Addressing this challenge requires the concerted effort of biologists, physicists, chemists, and bioengineers. We look forward to a highly interdisciplinary meeting.
Visit the website for the list of speakers. Contributed talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. We especially encourage submissions from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Please share this information with colleagues who may be interested in attending.
The deadline to submit an abstract is March 1, 2017, and the deadline to register at the discounted early registration rate is March 24, 2017. 
We look forward to seeing you in Taipei. 
Jung-Chi Liao, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Keng-Hui Lin, Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Christine Payne, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Jie Xiao, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Meeting Co-Organizers
Biophysical Society 
11400 Rockville Pike
Suite 800
Rockville, MD 20852
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