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2018 BayViro
Reminder: submit a poster
Submit a poster to this year’s viruses symposium. New this year is the Cynthia Bolovan-Fritts Research Excellence Award to be presented to the best poster. This $500 cash award  will be presented to an upcoming researcher with the best poster in honor of the legacy of Dr. Cynthia Bolovan-Fritts who devoted herself  to training and mentoring undergraduate and post-baccalaureate  researchers . You may submit your poster title and short description with your registration. The deadline to submit a poster is May 25th, 2018.
Grad student/Post-doc Presentations: All graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to submit an abstract to be considered for a 10 minute oral presentation at the Bay Area Symposium on Viruses.  Slots for grad student and post-doc talks are limited. Please  submit your abstract with your registration (if you have already registered, just register a second time with your abstract). The deadline to submit an abstract to be considered for an oral presentation is May14th, 2018.


The Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses aims to strengthen the network of scientists in the San Francisco Bay Area working on virology, host-pathogen interactions, and control of human and animal viral infections. The symposium also serves as the annual meeting for BayViro, the Bay Area Virus Network.  
Plenary speakers are:
Elena Bekerman – Gilead Sciences
TLR7 Agonists for HIV
Jerome Deval – Alios BioPharma
Innovation and trends in the development and approval of antiviral medicines: 1987-2017 and beyond.
Alan Frankel – UC San Francisco
Jing Jin – Blood Systems Research Institute
One stone, three birds: antiviral mechanisms for multi-functional antibodies. 
Karla Kirkegaard – Stanford University
Kimberley Seed – UC Berkeley
Fighting with phages: how epidemic Vibrio cholerae defends against viral attack.
Priya Shah – UC Davis

Understanding virus replication and pathogenesis through comparative flavivirus-host protein-protein interaction mapping.

WHEN: Friday, June 1, 2018
 9am – 5pm symposium 
5pm – 6pm poster and networking session 
WHERE: Li Ka Shing Center Auditorium (Room 245), University of California, Berkeley 


Short Talk Abstracts Deadline is May 14
For postdocs and grad students ONLY: If you would like to be considered for a 10 minute oral presentation, please submit a title and abstract with your registration. Slots for post-doc and graduate student talks are limited.  Submit your abstract via registration or email.
Poster Submission Deadline is May 25 
A poster session will be held during the event’s evening reception.  All attendees are encouraged to submit a posterfor presentation.  Please submit a poster title and short description with your registration .
The 8th Annual Bay Area Symposium on Viruses is sponsored by the Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases (CEND), the Center for AIDS Research, Blood Systems Research Institute and Gilead Sciences. 
If you are interested in joining BayViro as a sponsor, please contact CEND.