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Workshop: Global Focus on the Gender Gap in the Science and Mathematics field. How to measure it and reduce it?

ICSU ROLAC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, the Committee for Women in Mathematics of the International Mathematical Union, the Vice Ministry of Science of Technology of El Salvador, and UNESCO will hold a workshop called “Global Focus on the Gender Gap in the Science and Mathematics field. How to measure it and reduce it?”

The two-day workshop will start on March 15th and will touch on several important topics such as improving education for young women and girls in the LAC area, why women need mathematics for their professional development, and other topics. There will be experts from Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Uruguay. All of them will share their experience of being in a field that is dominated mainly by men, and how what advice they have for young women interested in the science and mathematics fields. 

Some of the experts: 

Elizabeth Rincón

Elizabeth Rincón graduated with a BA in education in mathematics and physics from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, where she also achieved the title of Surveyor.

She has been invited as a keynote speaker at some of the most important conferences in the country organized by several educational bodies.






Dr. Norma Blazquez Graf

Dr. Blazquez has a BA in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Science with a specialty on Fisiology and Biophysics, and got her Ph.D. in Psychology. 

She’s a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, a level II investigator of the National System of Investigators in Mexico, and has a D Level of the Stimulus Program of the Autonomous National University of Mexico(UNAM)


Dr. Lilliam Margarita Alvarez Diaz 

Dr. Alvarez obtained her doctorate in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow in 1989. She’s also a professor of Nuclear Physics, and a member of the Cuban Academy of Sciences since 1996.

She’s also a member of the Cuban Society of Mathematics and Technology, with over 60 published articles on her specialty, “Numeric Solutions to Differential Equations.”


Dra Martha Gabriela Araujo Pardo

Dr. Araujo is a mathematician, professor, and doctor of science, accomplishments she got at the Autonomous University of Mexico(UNAM). 

She is a coordinator in the Commission for Gender and Equality of the Mexican Society of Mathematics and has done several things in order to push the role of women (and minority groups in general) in the field of mathematics and science. 


Other highly renowned engineers and scientist that will be present are:
  • Ms. Zelmira May: Ms. May is an engineer and holds an MSc in Water and Environmental Management from WEDC, Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Along with her professional life, Ms. May has worked in the field of natural sciences acquiring wide experience in the execution and implementation of science education and capacity building programmes at the global and regional level.
  • Dr. Angela Stella Camacho Beltrán: She received her Pre-Grad in physics at the National University of Colombia. She then did her Master’s Degree at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany and received her Ph.D. from Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz, also in Germany.