The Carolina Foundation has opened a new edition of its convocation of scholarships for the academic year 2019-2020.

In this 19th Edition are offered 723 scholarships distributed as follows: 283 scholarships graduate, 100 scholarships for PhD and postdoctoral short stays, 66 mobility grants for


Result of doctorate Scholarship contest national PhD scholarships academic year 2019

See below, the list of selected participants. See listing


Process of recycled cell can stop cancer development

Researchers from the Salk Institute (La Jolla, USA) to study the process by which the cell enters phase of crisis, i.e., continue dividing and replicating their DNA even though

Job offers

Postdoctoral position in molecular genetics of resistance to late blight in Solanum americanum, a wild potato relative.

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Researcher with skills in plant genomics and molecular biology to join the Laboratory of Prof. Jonathan Jones at the Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) with the

Job offers

Academic researcher Dr. contest (a) for the Center for cell biology and Biomedicine

Se llama a concurso público para seleccionar Investigador(a) para el Centro de Biología Celular y Biomedicina (CEBICEM) de la Facultad de Medicina y Ciencia de la Universidad San Sebastián. El

Job offers

Contest post of co-ordinator (Professional) for microscope advanced of the school of medicine Campus Casa Central Unit.

Cargo offer: Coordinator / Apara microscope advanced supply unit: call inner competition no. 2019 00 023, to the position of co-ordinator (Professional) for microscope Unit provide


Period of nominations to contest Fondecyt's initiation begins 2019

The call, which calls to submit projects in all areas of knowledge, will be open between 22 January and 2 April 2019 for applicants.

Courses, symposia and conferences

Review of grade - Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dear academics and students of the master in biochemistry, I inform you that the day Thursday 24 of January there will be consideration of degree of Danae Jimenez Cárcamo in the Aula Magna of the faculty at 11:00 hrs. There are