Scientists develop self-replicating genome

The field of synthetic biology not only observes and describes the processes of life, but also imitates them. A key feature of life is the ability to

Job offers

Called Postdoctoral Competition Project Ring ACT192073

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile, through the Ring Project ACT192073 "Plant Abiotic Stress for a Sustainable Agriculture (PASSA)", calls for public competition to provide two


Luis Larrondo, president of SBBM is elected to join the American academy of microbiology.

Washington, DC – February 19, 2020 – In February, the American Academy of Microbiology (Academy) elected 68 new members for the Class of 2020. Members of the American Academy of


Sensitive death of Professor Enrique Gonzalez

Dear Partners, With deep regret we inform you of the sensitive death of Professor ENRIQUE GONZALEZ VILLANUEVA (Q.E.P.D.), partner of SBBMCh. His remains will be veiled on February 18, 2020


The most advanced CRISPR gene editing technique passes the clinical trial in three cancer patients

By launching a new chapter in the field of rapidly moving cancer immunotherapy, scientists have combined two cutting-edge approaches: CRISPR, which edits DNA,


Chileans discover molecule that could fight epilepsy without treatment

Analysis led by Alejandra Alvarez determines that by inhibiting a specific enzyme in epilepsy models, the progression of pathology becomes slower. Results are geared towards developing