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Monday 8th to Saturday 13th June 2015
Chacabuco 145, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina.


Director: Dr. Elvira María Hebert ‐ Coordinator: Dr. Fernanda Mozzi
Invited Lecturer: Dr. Stefan Weckx ((Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Lecturer Assistant: Dr. Lucila Saavedra

Course Contents:

The course is oriented to experimentalists, end‐users and PhD students who want to learn about genomics and transcriptomics data analysis methodologies. The course includes hand‐on sessions using web‐based platforms, including text searches in databases, BLAST, multiple sequence alignment, and exercises on (meta)genomics and (meta)transcriptomics data using the Galaxy ( platform Lectures and hands‐on sessions will be held at the facilities of CERELA‐CONICET.

Please note that the course will be given in English

Type of course: Theoretical with hand‐on sessions and seminars
Credits: 40 h
Dates: Monday 8th to Saturday 13th June 2015
Registration fee: $ARS 1500
Location: A five day theoretical and practical course on analysis of Next GenerationSequencing data organized by CERELA‐CONICET and National University of Tucumán.
Address: Chacabuco 145, San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina.
Requirements: A laptop (i5 or i7) for own work will be needed for data analyses. Microsoft Windows OS able to run Chrome or Firefox having a recent Java version is also
Oriented to: PhD students with degree on Bsc. on Biochemistry, Biotechnology with background on Molecular Biology
Evaluation System: Seminar exposition and written exam
Asistance required: 100%
Maximum student quota: 20
Credits course will be useful for Doctoral Careers on Biochemistry, Biological Sciences,
Food Technology, Vegetable Science and similar

Information and Registration deadline:
Chacabuco 145 (4000) S. M. de Tucumán
Tel/ Fax: 0381‐4310465 int. 119/4005600
Deadline: May 20th 2015. A CV with motivation letter is required for registration