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Dr. Patricio Ramos studied Biochemistry at the University of Concepción and obtained his professional degree in 2003. He obtained his PhD in engineering in plant genetics from the University of Talca in 2010 and then he performed a post-doctoral training at the Institute of Biological Sciences (ICB) at University of Talca. In 2011 started an insertion in the academy program (PIA) and now he works at University of Talca in “The scientific multidisciplinary nucleus” and is part of the academic team of the ICB and PhD program. One of the main research lines is focusing in the study of phenylpropanoid metabolic pathway regulation and the relationship with hormonal signaling. Phenolic compounds, specifically flavonoids, display wide biological effects such as modulation of the interaction between plants and microorganisms, stress response, pigmentation as well as the hormonal transport regulation in several plant tissues. Homeostasis of those compounds within the subcellular compartment and balance between lignin and flavonoid is part of his scientific research interest.

On the other hand, phenylpropanoid displays several health’s benefit to consumers, the study of biosynthesis and accumulation in fruits and other edible plant tissues are also part of his research line.