Search for applicant to Beca Postdoctoral de CONICET

Is seeks applicant for scholarship postdoctoral in the laboratory of Neurobiology Molecular (LNM) of the Institute of research biomedical UCA-CONICET, in the frame of the project institutional of the BIOMED 2017-2020? * biology cell, pathophysiology and intervention pharmacological in the fibrosis cystic *? equipped with 5 million pesos granted to the BIOMED and requiring application of the candidate before the upcoming August 27.

The LNM, directed by Dr. Francisco. J. Barrantes, studies the topology and (nAChR) nicotinic acetylcholine receptor function. In this sub-project, the selected fellow will study the relationship between the receiver type alfa7 (? 7nAChR) and the regulatory protein of the conductance of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane (known as CFTR by its acronym in English), using a combination of techniques in molecular and cellular biology, and Biophysics, including advanced Super-resolution optical microscopy methods. The? Middle 7nAChR the entry of Ca2 + and the stimulation of AMPc, effect inhibited by the (relevant in chronic smokers and COPD) nicotine, which desensitizes to the? 7nAChR. So the CFTR induces the eradication of bacterial infections, must be located in the so-called lipid rafts (? do rafts?), rich in cholesterol. He is expected to clarify the nAChR-the CFTR topographic relationship, and the possible role of cholesterol in the regulation of such a relationship and its correlates fisopatológicos.

* The internship requirements: *

At the time of the presentation, the applicant must attach a preliminary copy of the doctoral thesis or certificate of approval of the same. The dissertation must be defended and approved before the date stipulated for the start of the grant.

The postulants who are making use of an internal completion of doctorate of CONICET Scholarship with extension for maternity, please let the estimated date of presentation of copies of thesis. The age limit for the application to this category of scholarship will be up to 37 years to December 31, 2015, inclusive. In the case of the graduates in medicine applicants showing the completion of a medical residency, the age limit will be 39-year-old to December 31, 2015, inclusive.

Given that the deadline for receipt of applications is August 26, 2016, candidates should send their application to Dr. F Barrantes to the CTE month 17.

The scholarship will be start date 1 ° of April of 2017. It will favor candidates graduate career in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medicine or related expertise in thematic or methodological aspects of the project. Average increased to 7, knowledge of English and good predisposition for the work in team. Please send CV with Scholastic average including grade and qualifications obtained during the race, along with a brief letter of their motivation for joining the working group.