Cycle of nanotechnology for the general public (Las Condes - from 5 April)

Cycle of nanotechnology for the general public (Las Condes - from 5 April)


Hello, we want to invite you to enroll in the Nanotechnology Talk Cycle that will be taught from the Thursday, April 5 at the Cultural Corporation of the Countess. The topics will be taught by four subject matter experts and members of the MULTIMAT Millennium Core.

Here we copy the titles of the four talks, which will take place between 19:30 and 21:00 hours, on the four Thursdays of April

  • Nanotechnology, a small world for big solutions (April 5)
  • Hydrogen, a prophecy by Jules Verne (April 12)
  • Lithium battery in Chile. The Opportunity of the 21st Century (April 19)
  • Nanometric Scale Supercomputers (and vice versa)


Tickets can be purchased directly from the Corporation Cultural Corporation or otherthan through the Corporation's online payment system, which can be seen in the following linkhttp://

Important: Ask about your discounts with the Las Condes Neighbor Card and The State Bank Culture Route.



Title:Nanotechnology, a small world for great solutions

Charlista:Marcos Flores, PhD in Physics Technical University Federico Santa María, academic of the Department of Physics FCFM U. of Chile, and researcher of the Millennium Core MULTIMAT.

Date:Thursday, April 5

Schedule: 19:30 a.m.

Duration:90 minutes


We are living a revolution in society, from science and technology where every day we need to optimize and improve the devices we use, many of these requirements can find answers in nanotechnology. Miniaturization has pushed the exploration of materials on a very small scale, exposing countless previously unimaginable applications.

This talk, key to understanding the next decade, will present the historical development of nanotechnology, what its great successes have been and what are the emerging challenges.


Title:Hydrogen, a prophecy by Jules Verne

Charlista: Samuel Hevia, Doctor in physics from the University technical Federico Santa María, Chile (2009), Investigación Director of the Centre for research in nanotechnology and advanced materials CIENUC, academic of the physical Institute of the Pontifical Universidad Católica de Chile and researcher of the core Millennium MULTIMAT.

Date:April 12

Schedule: 19:30

Duration:90 minutes

Summary:Hydrogen, the most abundant element on the universe promises to be clean and renewable fuel that humanity demands. With the help of nanotechnology this prophecy verniana seeks to become a reality, revolutionizing the global economy, and especially in countries like ours. An essential talk.


Title:Battery lithium in Chile. The opportunity of the 21st century

Charlista:Judit Lisoni, PhD in physical sciences physical mention of the University of Chile, academic of the Institute of Sciences and mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Austral and Director of the core Millennium MULTIMAT.

Date:April 19

Schedule: 19:30

Duration:90 minutes

Overview: The copper of the 21st century, the new salary of Chile, are just some of the pseudonyms that lithium has acquired in recent years... and of course there are reasons for this.

This provocative talk will talk about the characteristics of this chemical element, how and what it is used for today in the world and why Chile is playing THE Great Economic-Scientific Opportunity of the Century. It'll be 90 minutes unique and enlightening.


Title:Nanometric Scale Supercomputers (and vice versa)

Charlista:Eduardo Cisternas, Doctor of Physics at Federico Santa María Technical University, academic in the Department of Physical Sciences at the University of La Frontera and researcher at the Multimat Millennium Core

Date:April 26

Schedule: 19:30

Duration:90 minutes


Quantum Mechanics has enabled scientific exploration on a scale where the laws of physics behave very differently from how we know it, that is, the nanoscale. This challenge has required enormous human and technical efforts, however the result has been overwhelming.

A new generation of supercomputers has been born and inside nanotechnology is allowing us to discover a fascinating world that is just beginning to show its wonders.