Free course on Mathematica by elementary descriptive statistics

Free course on Mathematica by elementary descriptive statistics

You are cordially invited to a free online course for students and teachers interested in using Mathematica in the area of elementary descriptive statistics. This course is perfect for anyone in math, Sciences of life, physics, engineering, social sciences, finance, economics, business, and marketing.

Using Wolfram Language in elementary descriptive statistics
Wolfram online course
on September 27, 11 am - 12 pm, Central time

The purpose of the presentation is to show the use of Mathematica and Wolfram Language for elemental analysis of statistical information. The intention is to show a little different from the usual treatments, innovative approaches, and emphasize understanding of the terminology and basic concepts.

Basic concepts:
Statistical variables, synthesizing the information, tables and graphic representations, distributions of frequencies, absolute and relative, comparisons between distributions, summarization of information, parameters of a distribution: location and dispersion, different approaches for displaying distributions and their parameters: graphic representation, precision and accuracy, joint distributions: representations graphs, dependence and correlation and computer simulation.

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