Called PostDoc Ring Contest ACT192073

Called PostDoc Ring Contest ACT192073



The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile, through the Act192073 Ring Project (PIA/ANID – Research Ring in Science and Technology), calls for public competition to provide a postdoctoral position.

  1. Objective

Call to competition for a postdoctoral position for Chilean (a) or foreign (a), to conduct research under the ACT192073 Ring Project "Plant Abiotic Stress for a Sustainable Agriculture (PASSA)”.


The research project seeks to develop new knowledge and biotechnological strategies to improve tolerance to abiotic stress in plants, contributing to sustainable agriculture and its dissemination to the community. This entails (i) Selecting key genes and developing new varieties of kiwi and tomato tolerant of abiotic stress (drought and salinity) using gene editing methodologies (CRISPR/Cas9); (ii) Study and develop a biomodulator to protect plants from abiotic stress (iii) Disseminate project results and aspects of climate change, abiotic stress and sustainable agriculture to the community and students through participatory methodologies.


The postdoctoral position is for a researcher with training in Plant Molecular Biology and /or Plant Biotechnology with teamwork experience, for the development of kiwi and tomato varieties using gene editing and in the formulation of biomodulators that allow plants to tolerate abiotic stress. This is how you should have experience in in vitro plant cultivation, plant transformation (preferably kiwi and tomato), molecular biology (transcriptomic analysis) and have experience in the development of bioformulations and their validation in the field.

  • Be Chilean or foreign national with residence in Chile and domicile in the country at the time of starting your work.
  • Not having been awarded with Postdoc Fondecyt project previously.
  • Possess the academic degree of Doctor at the time of starting his/her work in accredited national programs or their foreign equivalents, in disciplines at the same time as required: Doctorate in Biological Sciences or Biotechnology or related disciplines, who have experience in Plant Molecular Biology.
  • Have a history of competitive research, mainly in terms of scientific articles and their linkage to the specific research topic to be developed in the project of this competition.
  • Availability to start work as of May 2, 2021.
  • Mastery of the written English language.

Monthly allowance: $1,800,000 Chilean pesos, gross (considers full day and equals maintenance expenses + health coverage). The method of payment will be by fee agreement with the University of Chile.

Attendance at national or international congresses during project execution.

Duration: The postdoctoral position shall be granted for a period of 12 months. Annual renewal will be subject to prior approval by the Ring Project Director.

Place of performance: The workplace will be the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile, in the city of Santiago. The Postdoctoral Officer must be willing to make stays in the other Chilean institutions associated with the project, participate in the search for plants in the field, as well as outreach activities to academic and non-academic audiences.

  • Compliance with formal requirements.
  • Skills and previous experience in the research topic of the project to be developed in this call to contest.
  • Ability to integrate with work teams, managing to assume a collaborative role.
  • Quality and relevance of the candidate's research trajectory in relation to the research topic.
  • Scientific productivity regarding the time the applicant has been carrying out research activities.
  • Applicant Submission Form No. 1 (Includes CV, academic trajectory and doctoral thesis summary).
  • Simple photocopy of doctor's degree certificate as well as his degrees.
  • The background will be reviewed and evaluated by the members of the selection committee composed of the project's titular researchers (Claudia Stange, Michael Handford and Juan Pablo Martínez).
  • March 31, 2021: Opening of call for the postdoctoral position.
  • April 10, 2021: Deadline for sending background (16:00 hrs).
  • April 19, 2021: Communication of the outcome of the contest by personalized email.
  1. MEDIA

The contest will be advertised in the following media:


The sending of documents to apply for the postdoctoral position of the Ring ACT192073 project, as well as the additional information of the contest, must be forwarded to Claudia Stange Klein,

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