Fondequip performs successful day of evaluation of projects | Fondequip

Fondequip performs successful day of evaluation of projects | Fondequip

  • Seventy-five experts met for two consecutive days to check the 220 proposals declared admissible in the latest edition of the program.

One of the objectives of the contest is
promote cooperation intra e
inter-institutional between groups of
research that ensures the efficient use
of the new teams.

As part of the process of adjudication of the VI contest for scientific equipment and technological medium, the National Commission for scientific and technological research, CONICYT, through its Fondequip program, carried out a double day of assessment, in the institutional units.

The aim of the meeting, which brought together 75 professionals of different areas of knowledge, was to assess the 220 eligible proposals. Group dynamics and the environment which complied, by having a number experts in such discussions altogether, was evaluated positively by participants.

Another aspect to highlight of this meeting was the multidisciplinary approach which had, therefore, even though the competition appeals to specific areas on equipment, the presence of different branches of knowledge achieved to ensure that the new instruments have some degree of mainstreaming in its uses and applications, considering the different disciplines involved and one of the objectives of the contest which is promoting cooperation intra and inter-institutional among research groups guaranteeing the efficient use of the new equipment.

Along the same lines, Andrés López, Coordinator of the Fondequip program, stressed that "there are chemists, physicists and biologists, among other professions, contributing significantly, because they know the relevance of the use of one or other equipment in each panel of evaluators in" their respective areas of knowledge".

The six groups of equipment that provided for this call are: gas chromatographs and spectrometers; computer equipment; Bioanalytical instruments; microscopes and diffractometers; processing and material testing equipment (industrial or laboratory-scale); and others.